Our strategy is: “To create the “Ultimate Resident Experience” through the “Ultimate Employment Experience”. Our Employees are our most valuable asset. We realize that we need to take extraordinary care of each of them, so that they can take extraordinary care of your loved ones.

We are dedicated to creating a great place to work to maintain the greatest place to live!





“ Our Compass” Leading strategic growth to better serve our Residents, their families, our staff and our community.



“Our Helping Hands” Devoted to providing compassionate, extraordinary, personal hands-on care where each resident’s health and well being is of ultimate importance.



“At Your Service!” Our Concierge is the Go to Person for any needs or questions, always knows the answer or can make the connection needed to resolve the issue.


Arts and Entertainment

“Energy for Body, Mind, and Soul” A vital program of recreation that stimulates residents cognitively, culturally, creatively, psychologically, spiritually, physically and promotes individual and group pleasure and social interaction.


Dining Services

“Bon appetite!” After selecting the finest and freshest ingredients, our chefs prepare them to perfection and serve them in our beautiful dining room in the most delightful way.


“Clean and Pristine!” Our Housekeepers, whose impeccable eye for detail, keep Grace Park so spotless that it always presents as NEW!


Community Relations

“Creating the BUZZ” Educating the community on the quality of living and services provided at Grace Park to maintain a full house necessary for an active and engaging community.



“Simply Gorgeous” A state of the art experience that provides delightful and individualized salon services that enhances the sense of beauty, self-worth and well being of our residents.



“Build, Beautify and Bolster” A hand picked group of highly skilled individuals with an eye for detail, that maintain our home and grounds making for safe, secure and comfortable living in a park like setting.


“Where may I take you?”   Our Chauffeurs provide transportation with the ultimate comfort in our London Cab or Champion Bus to personal appointments with individualized attention and assistance that make our residents feel special and safe. They offer a variety of off-site excursions including glorious country rides and stops for ice cream.