George and Tammy Loudon, owners

George and Tammy Loudon had the pleasure of opening Grace Park Senior Living in December 2005. 13 years later, it is known
as the premier senior living community in the area. They worked parallel each other while raising their two children.

When their daughter was four, their son was born with Down Syndrome. They needed to devise a long-term plan to take care of their son. They partnered to co-found, build and operate Grace Park Senior Living, a personal care home and independent senior community. Falling in love with the seniors wasn’t the original plan but was a very welcome surprise. Tammy is the Vice President and Executive Director of Organizational Development. George is the President, CFO, Executive Director and Administrator. With the vision of “seniors living well”, they are focused on creating the “ultimate resident experience through the ultimate employment experience.”

College sweethearts, George and Tammy met at Pennsylvania State University where they both received a Bachelor of Science in Vocational Industrial Training. They have been married 34 years and have over 30+ years’ experience as entrepreneurs.

George is the founder and president of GRL Construction, and focuses on leadership, financial stability and high quality-efficient construction. Recently, he served on the Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association Board of Directors.

Tammy is the founder, owner and president of Performance Impact, Inc., with the concentration of leadership development and operational excellence. In 2017, Tammy went on to complete her Master’s in Organizational Development at the University of Pennsylvania.

George and Tammy opened Ivy Gables, their second senior community, in Wilmington, Delaware in 2014. In their spare time they enjoy traveling and spending time with their family.