Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about living at Grace Park Senior Living

No matter if you just started your search or have narrowed your selection, you likely have questions about senior care or retirement homes. From our experience in helping many families, we have answers to many of those questions. Below are answers to the most FAQs we hear from families:

Is there a difference between a "Nursing Home" and a "Personal Care Community?”

Though at times used interchangeably, there is a real difference. A “nursing home” casually describes a 24-hour skilled nursing facility for seniors who need constant supervision and medical support. It is typically more hospital-like than a retirement community since the staff administers healthcare assistance. A “personal care community” offers one or more life stage services such as independent living, supportive living, memory care or respite. Residents vary in their assistance levels but do not require full medical attention.

Are Assisted Living and Personal Care Communities the same thing?

In Pennsylvania, personal care homes (PCHs) and assisted living residences (ALRs) are both licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; however, they vary in the depth of care provided. A PCH provides housing, meals and assistance with medications and personal care tasks. An ALR can offer several skilled care services (such as IV care under RN supervision) to supplement the non-medical services available in a PCH. Residents may be able to age in place for a longer time, making care in a skilled nursing facility unnecessary. In order to be licensed in Pennsylvania as an ALR, several higher level requirements for the structure and staff must be met.

What are the costs to live at Grace Park Senior Living?

We offer different levels of care, each at different rates to accommodate many needs. We welcome the chance to review what you’re looking for to then quote the appropriate level of care. Contact us for additional information.

    • Rates for our cottages start at $2000 per month.
    • Rates for the main building vary depending on the size of the room that is selected.
Financial Comparison Tool-Cottage Living


Financial Comparison Tool-Main Building


Is the cost covered by Medicare or Medicaid?

Costs for living in a personal care home are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid as they are “private pay” (the resident is responsible for payment

Is there a buy-in fee?

No—all of our apartments in our main building are month to month. There is a one year lease on the cottages.

Can I see a floor plan?

We offer a range of apartment styles in many configurations. Please see “Floor Plan” Resources to see the different rooms choices..


Can couples with different care needs live together?

Yes—we offer special shared living options, affording spouses with different care needs to stay together whether it’s living independently with your spouse in Assisted Living or Personal Care, supporting a spouse’s early-stage memory loss in Assisted Living or Personal Care or staying together in a secure Memory Care neighborhood.

Can I bring my car?

Certainly. For your added convenience, we offer transportation to shopping, doctors’ appointments, and other destinations.

Do you accept pets?

We do welcome pets however only in our cottages. An additional $500 deposit is required. (Pets must fit within the Grace Park Policy)

While these are FAQs, you may have other questions more specific to your circumstances. Feel free to contact our team any day of the week—we’re here to help you however we can.

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