SUBJECT: Visitation Plan COVID-19

POLICY: In response to the increase in positive COVID-19 cases in our county, Grace Park has stopped all in-person visitation and has switched to virtual visitations. Grace Park will be in adherence to all CDC, PA Department of Health, and Department of Human Services’ guidelines surrounding visitation for the safety of residents, family/friends, and staff.


  1. Visitations will be held on Monday & Wednesday from 9 am -10:30 am and 1:30 pm –3:30 pm, and Saturday, 9 am -11 am, in 25-minute increments per resident; not including holidays.
  2. Visitations will be held via Zoom platform.
  3. Reservations can be made via phone with the Concierge or Director of Community Relations. Family/friends will be sent an e-mail containing an invite with a link to Zoom for your scheduled visit. This link may also be shared with others who would like to participate in the visit.
  4. Anyone who has questions on how to utilize the Zoom platform may call the Concierge or Director of Community Relations for assistance.

***This policy and procedure is subject to change and will be re-evaluated periodically for updates and changes***