Since all test results were negative and no staff or residents have presented with any symptoms we will be resuming the following starting tomorrow 10/27/2021

  • Communal dining for all residents; we are still restricting outside visitors from dining with our residents in our dining room until further notice.
  • Visitation inside the building recommended taking place in the resident’s apartment, no more than 3 visitors at a time, and masking is mandatory.  All visitors must check-in at the Great Room entrance, come through the double doors under the carport, and complete the sign-in logbook.
  • Residents are permitted to leave the building with family and friends and must sign out and in at the same entrance listed above.  Residents leaving the property for extended time periods or traveling out of state may be subject to COVID testing upon return and possible quarantine periods until test results are received.
    We want to thank everyone for their cooperation and helping to ensure our resident's safety and health!