We are happy to announce that our results from this past Monday, 8/30 yielded all negative tests for both residents and staff. In response to these new findings we are implementing these new guidelines:

  • Outside visitations ONLY will be permitted starting tomorrow, 9/2/21. Masks must be worn by both residents and visitors.
  • We will be resuming communal dining in our dining room on Monday, 9/6/21.
  • Due to the high percentage of COVID in our county, we will not be permitting residents to leave the facility and come back unless medically necessary.
  • Our salon services will be resuming on Tuesday, 9/7/21.
  • Cottage residents are welcome to utilize our salon and partake in any outdoor activities. We do ask that they refrain from congregating in the facility at this time.

We request that our visitors make responsible choices before visiting a resident. We have all felt the negative effects that COVID has on our residents, staff and families when introduced to our community. Please refrain from visiting if you are ill or have been exposed to someone that is. We will continue to monitor the positivity rate within our county and send updates as our policies and procedures change.