SUBJECT: Visitation Plan COVID-19

Starting on Monday 3/15/2021 we will be allowing indoor visitation during our visiting hours 8AM-8PM.  In addition to the above guidelines for indoor visitation the following MUST be adhered to:

  1. Visitors and residents must wear masks at all times.
  2. Both visitors and residents must practice proper hand hygiene.
  3. Social distancing is still encouraged however the guidance has stated the following “CMS and CDC continue to recommend facilities, residents, and families adhere to the core principles of COVID-19 infection, including physical distancing (maintaining at least 6 feet between people). This continues to be the safest way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, particularly if either party has not been fully vaccinated. However, we acknowledge the toll that separation and isolation has taken. We also acknowledge that there is no substitute for physical contact, such as the warm embrace between a resident and their loved one. Therefore, if the resident is fully vaccinated, they can choose to have close contact (including touch) with their visitor while wearing a well-fitting face mask and performing hand-hygiene before and after. Regardless, visitors should physically distance from other residents and staff in the facility”
  4. All visitors must complete the self-check/sign in station prior to entering the building; these will be located in our Great Room at the back of the building, our foyer/library entrance by the dining room and the main street room at the front of the building.  If anyone is experiencing symptoms, has a fever above 100 or has been in contact with a COVID positive person in the last 14 days they will NOT be permitted to enter.
  5. All indoor visitations must take place in the resident’s apartment to allow for proper social distancing from other residents and staff.
  6. Please limit the amount of visitors coming in at any given time to 3 per apartment.
  7. Garden House indoor visitation will take place in their apartments for private accommodations and if they have a shared accommodation it will be in the Garden House Library Area.