Ilene - January 2021

My mom has been living at Grace Park for one year with 9 of the months during the Pandemic. Words cannot express how grateful I am, knowing that my mom is being cared for by GP's compassionate staff. I can call, text, or email anyone on the staff to ask a question or share a concern, and someone gets right back to me. My mom  constantly shares stories about staff members leaving her cards, treats, or simply just coming in for a visit. 
In addition to the staff's attentiveness, the facility offers a wide array of activities for the residents to enjoy. Sometimes I will receive a text or email photo or video of my mom enjoying Zumba, taping a message to me, or embarking on some game. Grace Park offers me the peace of mind that mom is being cared for medically and socially. I consider the staff at Grace Park to be part of my extended family.

Peter Derrenbacher February 19, 2020

I would like to commend you and your staff for the outstanding job they do taking care of my brother, Henry.

He is single, never married, and worked his entire career in Manhattan. Over the last few years he has lost ground and I had to move him closer to me from an independent facility in Staten Island.

The transition has been fruitful and certainly I am happy to have chosen Grace Park for his residence.

I, like most who bear responsibility for love ones am totally relaxed in knowing he receives the best care possible from a loyal and dedicated staff at Grace Park. They inform me when it’s time for flu shots or other medical issues and arrange for transport to doctors when I’m not available. They keep him active with games and interaction with other residents.

We all run across folks that are just doing their job but in the case of the Grace Park team, you can tell they love their residents and treat them like family.

Thanks to All.

Mia Livingston, M.Ed. February 10, 2020

My mother, Marti, is 81 years old and has been living at Grace Park Seniors Living Well for two years now. I cannot say enough good things about her life here.

The facilities are always clean and very well kept. The atmosphere is just wonderful. It really feels like a welcoming true home. There are many different facilities and beautiful spaces both inside and out. My mom's personal apartment is clean, and really feels like home, since she was encouraged to use her own furniture and decoration. There is a full medical room, a full kitchen, a lovely dining room, a grand room, an activity room, a fitness room, and several lovely libraries and parlor areas to enjoy. The grounds are lush and beautiful, and well cared for, with plenty of places to enjoy the outdoors.

The food is excellent, nutritious, and has a very diverse menu. The activities that are offered are really great fun and also quite varied to suit the individual tastes of the residents. Family, (including family pets!) and friends are always welcome to visit any time they like. Several activities are scheduled every month to go places, such as shopping, dining out, etc. There are an endless number of things to do.

But the most important part of this very great place is the staff. They are truly incredible. Every single person that works here, in every single department, are very dedicated and genuine people. They truly care about each resident as a respected and unique person with a lifetime of memories and experiences. Every person on this staff truly KNOWS my mother, and truly CARES about every aspect of her wellbeing. Not just being physically cared for, clean and safe, but also being happy and honestly enjoying her life. This gives myself and my two brothers genuine peace of mind.

Grace Park is really amazing and I am so very grateful to the staff here every day. Thank you for taking such good care of my mother!

Mary Ellen C. September 23, 2018

"My husband's mother, uncle and aunt have all experienced Grace Park's superb care and compassion for their residents. We can't even imagine having them anywhere but at Grace Park."

Eliabeth J. September 21, 2018

"My mom was at Grace Park for 3 years and it is absolutely amazing!" "I can recommend without any hesitation!"

Char C. September 20, 2018

I love Grace Park it's a bed and breakfast for seniors. Absolutely beautiful.
"My Mom was there as well sad to say not for long. She loved it !! You can literally feel love, compassion and caring Grace Park will forever be in my heart. Crystal and her team are amazing, that's what makes Grace Park so unique. Thank you for what you do."?

Sally A. June 21, 2017

After seeing many other assisted living facilities we decided that Grace Park was the best place for me.
"I am living independently in one of the beautiful cottages. I am able to participate in all of the activities in the main building where everyone is very pleasant. I get to enjoy all the activities they have scheduled. I feel they make every effort to keep us safe, comfortable, active and well attended too."

Susan F. June 21, 2017

My family found Grace Park and thought it would be a great fit for me.
"They felt it was a comfortable and safe setting and was pristine compared to any of the other facilities they toured. It is a very warm environment where I have had the chance to make many new friends. And they have a great staff!! There is no need to look any further, Grace Park has it all. I am very happy here!"

Yvonne R. August 1, 2017

My daughter looked for a home with a friendly staff and pretty surroundings.
"They knew my pain problems would be better if I had people to talk to and had fun activities each week to keep me busy."

"The staff at Grace Park is caring and they make you feel like family. We go on wonderful excursions and do art projects weekly. The wellness staff treat us with much love and really do care for each resident here."

"I am impressed that George and Tammy are hands on owners. The residents are friendly and lots of fun. The grounds are always kept lovely and the housekeeping work very hard every day to keep our rooms clean and each staff member has something different to offer to make Grace Park that much more special than other homes."

Edward S. September 23, 2017

Grace Park was suggested to my daughter by my primary care doctor. I get great care from the wellness department.

"My room is kept clean by housekeeping and I get to enjoy going out to eat, shopping and I like to do the artwork in the activities. I also enjoy going to the casino! Take advantage of the transportation when I can and like being able to use it for my doctors’ appointments. Everybody is always very helpful and friendly."